About Us

We are the South East Queensland Union of Renters (SEQUR), a directly democratic union of renters for renters. We are sick and tired of renters being abused and exploited by real estates and landlords. No one deserves to live in substandard conditions, or with the risk of eviction and rent hikes constantly over their head, but this has been the situation in South East Queensland for most renters for too long, and conditions are only getting worse.

This is why members from throughout the community came together to found SEQUR in 2021. SEQUR aims to provide tenants in the South East Queensland region with an organisation through which they can engage in direct struggle for their right to secure, affordable and dignified housing.

Below you can see the principles of SEQUR. If you agree with these principles and want to be involved in building the power of renters, get in touch and join today! 

  1. The South-East Queensland Union of Renters (SEQUR), is an organisation of committed community members who believe that the balance of forces currently sits too far in the favour of landlords and real estates industry and that for renters to counter this we must organise ourselves together in a union, to leverage our collective strength. Our collective strength is the best defence that we have in the face of evictions, rising rents & dodgy real estate practices. 
  2. SEQUR organises across the breadth of South East Queensland across a variety of First Nations countries. SEQUR acknowledges that it organises upon stolen land and that sovereignty was never ceded, and seeks to build relationships of solidarity between First Nations struggles, and the struggles for secure and safe housing. This solidarity extends to all struggles of the oppressed and exploited. Solidarity between struggles provides us with our greatest strength and must be actively encouraged.
  3. SEQUR as an organisation believes in direct struggle, and rejects using its energy to achieve change through elections, or the actions of a politician or party. Instead we seek to build the power of renters and their communities at the level of the community itself, and to directly struggle against landlords and real estates on our own terms. We support reforms in the realm of housing and renting, but believe rather than diverting our energy away from struggle to the realm of reforms, reforms will occur through the expansion of direct struggle. 
  4. SEQUR is a directly democratic & participatory organisation. To facilitate this, SEQUR is a dues-paying organisation and requires members to participate in leading their own struggles, and showing solidarity in the struggles of their fellow members. Our strength is in our numbers and our capacity for collective action, meaning all members are encouraged to actively participate in the life of the union as much as their capacity allows. 
  5. SEQUR seeks to create a space in which we can come together to defend and enforce our right to dignified housing. We believe housing is a human right, and as such should cease to be treated as a commodity. From this SEQUR fights for an end to homelessness and for community control of housing by building community power