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For tenants, by tenants
We're stronger together

The housing market is stacked in favour of landlords and investors who profit at our expense.

Our best defence is getting organised.

That's what tenants' unions do. We're a democratic organisation run by and for tenants, fighting for the right to safe, affordable, and stable housing for all.

We organise against landlord harassment, evictions, rising rents, and unfair real estate practices. We stand in solidarity with each other, leveraging the strength of numbers to defend and enforce our right to dignified housing, and to challenge and disrupt this unjust housing system.

We can support each other, stand up to exploitative landlords and agents, and win better housing for all of us. Join forces with fellow tenants and actively organise to demand fair treatment and better living conditions. Don't wait for change - create it!

Who we are

About us

The South-East Queensland Union of Renters (SEQUR) is a diverse, member-led organisation fighting for the interests of tenants.

Our mission is to take charge of our lives and our homes by organising into a union that we control and operate. Tenants deserve genuine rights. Rights are never bestowed from above; you need a union that has the ability to enforce them.

Landlords will do everything in their power to keep us divided and powerless. When we stand together, we keep each other safe.

Joining SEQUR is about harnessing our collective strength to overcome the odds stacked against us. In a system where landlords have wealth, the courts, and politicians on their side, we still have a greater power in each other.

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How We Win

Tenants and landlords have conflicting interests.

This isn't about the moral character of individuals but a system prioritizing profit over needs. Tenants' interests demand lower rent as well as secure leases. Landlords desire the polar opposite. Ultimately, it's about who has power.

Tenants should wield power.

Landlords currently hold more power, flouting laws and raising rents freely. To counter this, tenants must build a counter power to resist their influence. Tenant power means taking action to defend housing rights, lower rents, stop evictions, and win reforms.

Solidarity and self-organisation.

Tenants' interests are collective; united action benefits all, while acting alone changes nothing. Our power lies in self-organisation and solidarity, not in professionals acting on our behalf. To do this we must connect with others, understand their issues, foster confidence, cultivate solidarity, and empower collective action.

Power through the union.

The union enables tenants to build their capacities, accumulate strength and experiences, coordinate struggles, and unite around common interests. Tenant power cannot be built individually; rather, all union members work together to achieve it.

Build deep.

Our approach goes beyond just securing reforms that deal with present-day tenant problems. We also intend to shape the future. We focus on strengthening members' capabilities, through a strategy that emphasises deep organising over superficial activism. Our goal is to recover collective power, not just act as a lobbying organisation.

Struggle directly.

Bodies mediating between landlords and tenants cannot be counted on to provide justice. Rights are never bestowed from above; you need a union that has the ability to enforce them. We seek to make tenant rights a reality, not just empty promises. This is why the union prioritises direct struggle over mediation.

Union independence.

We organise tenants regardless of political beliefs or affiliations. The union is independent of political parties and not focused on elections. If tenants cannot defend themselves, no parliamentary action will secure their rights. We need power that isn't influenced by political parties, and fights for us regardless of who is in government. Real change comes from our own initiative.

Starting small, thinking big.

We build on wins to boost renters' confidence for bolder moves. Large changes require a strong foundation of solidarity, structure, and experience. This foundation is built through our day-to-day organising. With each struggle, we grow in size and boldness. These struggles include organising buildings for collective demands, pursuing compensation, and blocking evictions.


Join the union

Ready to take charge of your living situation and fight for your rights? Join forces with fellow tenants and actively organise to demand fair treatment and better living conditions. Don't wait for change - create it!

SEQUR operates on principles of direct democracy and participation. If you're a local renter (or currently homeless), you're eligible for full membership. Let us know about your tenancy issues, and we'll provide support. Homeowners can also show solidarity by joining as non-voting members.


South East Queensland Union of Renters organise on the occupied lands of the Kabi Kabi, Yugambeh Jagera, Yugara, Yugarapul, and Turrbal Nations. We pay our respects to elders past and present.
Sovereignty was never ceded.
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